Mentoring Program

A new mentoring program for the KSU Student Affairs Division has been created. Mentoring for Success will pair mentors and mentees across the division through a self-selection process to build relationships, encourage professional development, and establish collaborative practice throughout the division.

The benefits of working in a mentoring relationship include:

  • Opportunities to learn new concepts
  • Gain new skills and compare strategies through conversation
  • Better understand the Division, and identify areas for collaboration and growth
  • Explore various vantage points, and better understand the different realities across experience and functional areas

Interest Forms
You are invited to participate to be a mentor or a mentee for the KSU Student Affairs Division. Simply complete the interest form below and plan to attend the mentoring session on August 7 from 10am-12pm.
Complete the appropriate Interest Form no later than 5:00 pm, August 2, 2019: 
To be a mentee
To be a mentor

Mentor/Mentee Mingle Event Information
On August 7 at 10:00am, the Professional Development Mentoring Sub-committee will host a Mentor/Mentee Mingle to allow you to network and get to know each other. At the Mingle, you will meet potential mentors/mentees and mutually select to work together. If you do not find your mentor/mentee at the Mingle, never fear. We will help you find a great match. We will also provide a manual to help guide you through the mentoring process.

Mentoring Manual
Mentoring is a strong tool for building relationships and promoting professional development within the Student Affairs Division.  With this in mind, a group of members from the KSU Student Affairs Professional Development Committee convened Fall Semester 2018 to discuss the merits of a division wide mentoring program for new and seasoned professionals.  

The following goals guide their work: 

  • Provide a supportive environment for new professionals entering the field of Student Affairs 
  • Provide socialization for both new and seasoned members of the Division of Student Affairs 
  • Create relations across departments in the Division of Student Affairs 
  • Create conduits for collaboration across departments in the Division of Student Affairs
  • A manual has been created to guide your work.  

Mentor Bio's 

    • ana baida

      Executive Director 
      Career Planning and Development 
      Ana would love to hear from new professionals about their paths and help them find success.  She hopes to provide lessons learned insights and resources that move them towards success. She hopes to discuss career progression, management techniques, and organizational change. 

      • Barbre Berris

        Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life
        Student Life

         Bre is intersted in the role of race in Greek Life, mental health and risk management.  She hopes to connect with other individuals in the divition.  She would like to be a sounding board for her mentee to provide new persepective, transparency, fund lunches and laughter. She is completely  open to discussing any topics her mentee wishes to discuss. 

        • Assistant Dean
          Counseling and Accessibility

          Josh's research interest is mental health on campus.  He hopes to share knowledge and experience with younger professionals.  He hopes to offer information and feedback that enhances his mentee's professional role. Topics and resources he wishes to share with his mentor are leadership, managing personnel, personnel selection, delegation,  and time management
          • Andrew Harvill

            Director of Student Activities-Marietta 
            Student Life

            Drew's research interests are professional burnout, higher education funding and student organization advising.  Through this mentoring program, he hopes to support fellow colleagues and engage in good conversations. Drew hopes to offer experience and insight (particularly at KSU) to his mentee. 

            • Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
              Executive Director, Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery

              Teresa hopes to be of service to her mentee and learn from newer emplpyees.  Her research interests are addiction and recovery.  She will offer her mentee experince, strengh and hope. She hopes to discuss strategic planning, budgeting, career development, servant leadership, as well as spirituality and the work enviornment. 

              • Amanda Long

                Associate Director 
                Career Planning and Development 

                Amanda hopes to meet individuals across the division and learn more about different functional areas as a mentor.  Amanda would like to offer support and encouragement as well as the lessons she has learned in her experience.  She is also more than willing to share her knowledge of career development and career preparation.  Topics that Amanda hopes to discuss with her mentee are supervision, career planning and other general topics relating to Student Affairs. 

                • Ron Lunk

                  Assistant Dean of Students 
                  Student Life 

                  Ron hopes to develop the future of Student Affairs at KSU.  He plans to provide advice, guidance, and a place to vent and talk through issues with his mentee.  He is open discussing professional development plans as well as professionalism and career goals with his mentee.  

                  • Karen Marks

                    Associate Director
                    Career Planning and Development

                    Karen’s interest in serving as a mentor derives from her desire to assist a new professional achieve career success by helping them to identify career goals, while providing the guidance and encouragement they need to fulfil their aspirations. She also wants to be there to help them celebrate their successes, but also to provide support when fear and hesitation is keeping them from moving beyond their comfort level. As with any relationship, Karen knows it is a two-way street and is looking forward to learning and growing through her interaction with her mentee.

                    • Michael Sanseviro

                       Associate Vice President and Dean of Students 

                      Michael hopes to gain enhanced understanding of the needs of staff within our division and perspective on how other staff view our work. He will assist his mentee with providing insights into the political nature of higher education and historical perspective on the evolution of our field. Michael plans to discuss future goals, educational and professional aspirations, perspectives on KSU and the division as well as ways we can improve service to students with his mentee. 

                    Mentee Bio's

                      • Dani Alexander

                        Diversity and Inclusion

                        In the next 3-5 years Dani hopes to complete their Master's degree and move into a middle management position in Student Affairs. Their research interests include higher education experiences of racial minority students, LGBTQ community building through video games, The Impact of Identity Labels on Overall Well-being. They are looking for a mentor who can help identify areas of growth and hold them accountable to improving. They would like a mentor with whom they can have open, honest dialogue about navigating a professional life. They hope their mentor can assist with identifying and taking advantage of professional development opportunities, how to be authentic at work in a sustainable way, and learning how to provide feedback to those above you professionally.

                        • Jason Callis

                          Assistant Director
                          Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery

                          Jason's research interest lies in kinesiology.  He seeks a mentor who can meet monthly meeting and has the ability to process professional roles/responsibilities.  He would like his mentor assist with his transition into a leadership role.

                          • Kristie Colin

                            Career Coach
                            Career Planning and Development

                            Kirstie is interested in employee professional development, understanding how to help new professionals thrive in higher education. She is looking for a mentor who is interested in making a new connection as well as someone who is open about sharing their career journey and lessons learned. She would like a sounding board for brainstorming career ideas/research topics, potential introductions & networking. 

                            • Program Coordinator
                              Leadership and Civic Engagment

                              Semline is looking for a mentor who can provide a safe/brave space,who's not afraid of being open and transparent, and someone who's good at sharing resources.  She hopes her mentor can assist with motivating her to keep working when things get challenging, ways to create effective collaboration across departments, and moving up to the next level or job.

                              • Mallory Drake

                                Fraternity and Sorority Life

                                Mallory's research interests are in student leadership development, multicultural social/educational environments, and future challenges in student affairs. She hopes her mentor can assist her strategic career development and provide advice on how to progress her career at Kennesaw State.
                                • Valerie Hodgkin

                                  Operations and Budget 

                                  Valerie is working on completing her Master's degee and is interested in implemeting her knowledge of statistics into her position. Her research intersts are people's behaviors and personalities.  She hopes her mentor can assist her with creating a work/life balance, help her grow professionally, stretch her out of her comfort zone, and provide her with more interaction with people and fellow colleagues.

                                  • Coordinator
                                    Adult and Commuter Students

                                    Jasmine's interests are conflict and leadership. She hopes to have a mentor who can provide consistency. She would like to improve her awareness of cultural norms as well as expectations within the organization.

                                    • Samantha Lowry

                                      Associate Director of Competetive Sports
                                      Sports and Recreation

                                      Samantha is interested in researching how recreation supports retention as well as  application of higher education theory.  Through this mentorship, she is looking for greater connection to campus, referral points,understanding the KSU community and creating a positive work/life balance.

                                      • Jessica Medovich

                                        Program Coordinator
                                        Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery

                                        Jessica's research interests are programming assessment and evaluation. She seeks timeand attention from her mentor.  Jessica would like assistance with navigating operations, politics and funding in higer education. 

                                        • Administrative Specialist
                                          Counseling and Psychological Services

                                           Jacqueline's research interests are in student success and retention. Through this mentorship, she is hopes to become more knoweledgeable in higher education and advance her career and reach her professional goals. 

                                          • Disability Services Coordinator
                                            Student Disability Services

                                            Melissa really enjoys learning about how disability and emotions affect a person and their ability to live life. Also how it connects spiritually and physically. She also enjoys learning about assistive technology. Melissa is looking to grow in her position and to be the best she can be for her supervisors, colleagues, and the students. She would like her mentor to assist her with creating boundaries with difficult students and a positive work/life balance.

                                            • Gabriella Sciacchitano

                                              Fitness Coordinator
                                              Sports and Recreation

                                               Gabby's research interests involve student motivation to exervise as well as physiological changes due to exercise.  She seeks transparency and support from her mentor.   

                                              • Jabari Scott

                                                Career and Internship Advisor
                                                Career Planning and Development

                                                Jabari would like his mentor to assit him in career navigation.  He wishes to have open communcation with his mentor in an effort to grow. 

                                                • Ty Verdin

                                                  Senior Coordinator of Club Sports
                                                  Sports and Recreation 

                                                  Ty hopes to gain an additional contact from an experienced Student Affairs professional to gain more knowledge about KSU as a whole. He would like to continue to connect with fellow collegues and professionals across Student Affairs.

                                                  • Mallory Widdis

                                                    Office Manager
                                                    Career Planning and Development

                                                    Mallory's research interests are campus culture of higher education and religious organizations, international higher education, and romantic literature.  She would like a mentor who is an encouragement and has a positive outlook.  Someone who can make suggestions on how to organize her many interests as well as assist her with her career path and future goals.

                                                    • Allie Wright

                                                      Career and Internship Advisor
                                                      Career Planning and Development

                                                      Allie want to gain professional insights, thought this mentorship.  She wants a mentor with a willingness to provide objective advice or feedback, and the ability to put things in perspective. She gravitates towards positivity. She would like to work with her mentor on developing her career path, and how to balance priorities for now and in the future.She would like to find a niche, and would love to hear how more seasoned professionals found their own path and passion areas.