Student Affairs Diversity Council

The purpose of the Diversity Council within the Division of Student Affairs is to actualize our values of inclusion and civility by prioritizing cultural competencies and create a welcoming and supportive environment for all. Upon the recommendation of the divisional leadership, this committee will:

  • Examine the divisional climate.
  • Evaluate the division’s progress towards diversity and inclusion.
  • Make recommendations regarding the education of staff, administrators, and students on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Utilize the NASPA/ACPA Competencies and divisional values to frame the work in developing an environment that supports all, is inclusive, and promotes equity.


The Diversity Council members represent an array of departments within the division of student affairs.  Each member will serve a maximum two-year term with the option to renew in their second year for a new 1-year term as their work responsibilities allow.

    • Shameka Wells, Chairperson
    • Kati Arias
    • Cindy Butson
    • Brian Cornelius
    • Shawanda Daniel
    • Semline Delva
    • Brian Garsh
    • Drew Harvill
    • Eileen Hatfield
    • Whitney Venzant