1-2-3 Assessment Plans

The 1-2-3 Assessment Plan is a multi-year assessment process supporting the Division's commitment to excellence. Reporting units within the Division of Student Affairs develop practical assessment plans to understand the impact of our programs and services to support continual improvement and identify opportunities for innovation.

1-2-3 Assessment Plan:

  • 1 Objective
  • 2 Measures
  • 3 Year Cycle

As a rolling assessment cycle, each year reporting units identify one new objective to assess within their unit along with at least two measures of the objective's progress. Each objective is assessed on a three-year cycle. At the end of the three-year cycle, the objective can either be re-adopted for another three-year cycle or roll off the assessment plan to allow for the unit to explore a new objective.

Assessment Cycle Phases

To support assessment that is both meaningful and manageable within the Division, the 1-2-3 Assessment Cycle is conducted across four phases. Each phase provides a clear direction on what is expected and supports units in maintaining year-round engagement with their assessment projects. 

Phases and Deadlines

  • Phase
    Required Items
  • Plan

    Documenting the foundational framework and making a plan to assess
    • Unit Mission Statement
    • Objective Statement(s) and Purpose
    • Description of Measures and Implementation Strategies

    AY22: 10/1/2022

    AY23: 6/24/2022

  • Do

    Gathering and documenting assessment results and evidence
    • Submit Assessment Tool(s) for Review
    • Update Progress of Measures
    • Implement Measures

    AY22: 5/27/2022

    AY23: 5/56/2023


  • Check

    Analyze and interpret the results; make recommendations for improvements to assessment plan.
    • Results from Measures
    • Analysis of assessment strategies

    AY22: 6/24/2022

    AY23: 6/16/2023

  • Act

    Plan for innovation and/or improvement to achieve Objective
    • Intended changes to measures into next year
    • Action Plan for Innovation and Improvement

    AY22: 7/22/2022

    AY23: 7/7/2023