Annual Reporting

The Division of Student Affairs' Annual Report provides campus and community stakeholders with an overview of the Division of Student Affairs and the many ways we impact the lives of KSU students.

Submission Categories

Submissions for the annual report are collected using pre-defined templates and reporting units only need to add categories relevant to their units to their annual report in a given year. Units may select to submit highlights using the following categories:

  • Collaboration Highlight
  • Grants, Scholarship, or Fundraising
  • Program or Initiative Highlight
  • Service, Volunteering, and Giving Back
  • Social Media Success
  • Staff Achievement
  • Student Achievement
  • Student Testimonial
  • Facility Upgrade or Renovation
  • Other

Reporting Period

To assist Division staff with collecting and sharing the amazing work being done within the Division, we utilize a year-round submission process via the Planning tool. This allows units to upload achievements as they occur, rather than submitting all entries at the end of the reporting period.

The Division's annual reporting period is from June 1 to May 31. 

For AY22, all submissions for the annual report must be uploaded to Planning by June 3.

Co-Curricular Mapping for AY22

In addition to submitting unit highlights and achievements, reporting units are requested to participate in a co-curricular mapping project as part of the AY22 Annual Report. All reporting units have been provided with an Co-Curricular Mapping template that has a pre-populated list of Owl Life event data. To complete this task, submitters are asked to:

  1. Download the template provided in the Co-Curricular Mapping Item within Planning.
  2. Select from a drop-down menu to map each event to the Division's Strategic Plan.
  3. Enter additional event and/or services information not pre-populated within the template to additional rows within the template.
  4. Upload a completed copy of the template to the Co-Curricular Mapping Item within Planning.