Assessment Team

The Assessment Team is comprised of representatives from departments across the Division of Student Affairs.  The purpose of the Assessment Team is to:

  1. promote a culture of assessment
  2. provide training and development in the areas of assessment, evaluation, and research
  3. help guide and provide feedback on the assessment efforts of the division

Assessment team members will serve as liaisons and advocates within their own departments in order to further the knowledge of assessment.  In addition, members will act as additional consultants for units with the Division of Student Affairs as they endeavor to create and implement quality assessment plans.

The curriculum of the Assessment Team is as follows:

Meeting #1
Introductions; What is an Assessment Team?; Goals and Objectives

Meeting #2
Assessment 101: The Assessment Process

Meeting #3
Qualitative Methods: Observation, Focus Groups, Interviews, Rubrics, Document Analysis

Meeting #4
Qualitative Data Analysis 

Meeting #5
Quantitative Methods, Survey Design

Meeting #6
Learning and Development Outcomes

Meeting #7
Effective Reporting and Use of Results

Meeting #8
Conclusion: Next Steps