Monthly Message from the VP

October 2020

CONGRATS fellow Owls!  Even during an international pandemic, we are adjusting and succeeding, especially our students.  Adapting to many online classes, virtual events, and small-scale programs has been a challenge, but you have been up to it.  We have 225 fully registered student organizations, a thriving sorority and fraternity community, and students finding ways to stay engaged at our KSU.  In fact, our President and University leadership personally called every one of our 8,300 new freshmen in the past couple of weeks to check in on them and the positive energy and excitement for the future they shared was so powerful to hear.  Owl Nation continues to be an incredibly special place and I so honored to be here with you.  Thanks to each student for what you bring and add to our community to make it so great.

Go Owls!

Dr. Eric E. Arneson
Vice President for Student Affairs

Past Posts

  • I am proud of how our KSU students, faculty, and staff have persevered and worked together to keep our students marching forward in pursuit of their degree of study.  This has been the strangest time I have ever seen in my career.  However, typical of our Owls, our students just keep adjusting and making it happen.  I am also proud of our University and the Division of Student Affairs for working to create the safest environment possible and still working to create a robust student experience.  Our student organizations are continuing to recruit and operate, we had a very successful Panhellenic sorority recruitment process as other fraternities and sororities gear up and we have partnered with Athletics and students to unveil  over 1,000 small scale programs to engage both our new and returning students this semester.

    KSU is celebrating our largest freshman class and largest enrollment (over 40,000) ever because our students know that we care about them and their success.  Every student has a place and a voice at KSU and we will do everything in our power to help you succeed.  Thanks to our students for continually pushing us to reinvent ourselves and become an ever-evolving University community.  I could not be prouder to be part of the Owl Nation at this time!

    GO OWLS!
    Dr. Eric E. Arneson – VP for Student Affairs

  • Welcome to Owl Nation!

    As your Vice President of Student Affairs (VPSA) I want to welcome you to your Owl family. You are part of a thriving, growing, inclusive, and dynamic University and I am here to help you succeed. Reporting directly to President Whitten, I serve as the chief student advocate on campus and I take that responsibility very seriously. I have a passion for student engagement and success and will work tirelessly with you in that journey. Students who are engaged with the campus are more successful academically and are more likely to remain and graduate. They also create a diverse portfolio of skills critical for success after college. I am proud we have an outstanding team in the Division of Student Affairs excited to partner with and support you in many ways as you navigate your college experience.

    In my role as your VPSA, my primary responsibility is your success. My team and I will be there to celebrate your successes and to help you through challenges. I will also challenge you to take your own college experience by the reigns and make it great. We have a special community where all students matter, and you have the opportunity to create a once in a lifetime experience. Engagement in your campus will help you make more friends, develop important skills and create networks, and HAVE FUN. I look forward to seeing how each of you will help us move our KSU forward. Every student is important and each of you make us a better University and community. Thanks for all you do for KSU and let us know how we can best support your success.

    GO OWLS!!

    Dr. Eric E. Arneson
    Vice President for Student Affairs