Choosing a SALT Student

Applications of the eligible SALT students are located in the Office for Student Success, Room 4413 of Kennesaw Hall. You may review the applications and choose the student that you would like to work with you. You should contact the student to arrange an interview and discuss work schedule, duties, goals and expectations. Please notify Brenda Arthur (x6310) with the name of the student you have selected.

Entry on University Payroll Records

In order for your SALT student to be paid for his/her services, you must complete a Student Employment Personnel Action Form (SEPAF) before the student begins work. The form is forwarded to the Office for Student Success for the Vice President’s signature. (MB #0106) DO NOT send the form directly to Human Resources. If the SEPAF does not have the Vice President’s signature, it will be routed back for signature and delay your student getting paid. The student must “process in” with Human Resources. (If your SALT student has worked on campus in the past year and has a complete file in Human Resources, he/she will not need to go through that process again.) Student Employment Personnel Action Forms can be obtained online. Go to Human Resources, Manager, Forms, Employment (Student Employment Personnel Action Form). The rate of pay for a SALT student assistant is $8.00 per hour. Under Section A be sure to check the box for SALT Student Assistant. Under Section B be sure to check the box for SALT Funded. In the Comments regarding Funding include your Dean’s budget number.

Termination of SALT Student

You must complete another Student Employment Personnel Action Form to terminate your SALT student when your project is completed. Remember all projects must be completed by June 30th. Please be aware of the last pay cycle for the fiscal year (usually earlier than June 30th) and remember to terminate your SALT student.