The Student Assistance for Leadership in Teaching (SALT) program has been developed to provide student assistance to faculty who wish to work on projects that contribute to their instructional and professional development. The primary purpose of SALT is to make available specially qualified students who can work with faculty on projects designed to enhance their development as leaders in teaching. It also provides a way to facilitate the academic and professional development of students through a mentor relationship with a faculty member.

Students selected to participate in SALT are called Presidential Scholars. They are juniors and seniors who have at least 3.7 grade point average, are enrolled in at least six hours, and are demonstrating exceptional involvement in their professional area.

SALT projects are designed to contribute to faculty development and provide a quality learning experience for students. They should provide opportunities for students to do research or engage in developmental projects with faculty. The SALT program is not designed to assist faculty with regular classroom assignments, tutorial assistance, data entry or service in a secretarial capacity.

If you would like more information, please contact the Division of Student Affairs, Kennesaw Hall, Room 4413, email our office, or call 470-578-6310.